Turkish Lamps-Mosaic Lamps

Handmade Mosaic Glass Lamps from Turkey. Bringing a delightful array of designs and colors to your home. Handmade illustrious mosaic lamps, created by skilled craftsman, who bring forth an enduring tradition of special light from the East.

To make Turkish Lamps-Mosaic Lamps, Cut glass pieces of assorted colors are carefully pieced together to produce special lamps patterns on a lamps shade. These shades then connected or strung together to produce the stylish lamps.

Turkish Lamps-Mosaic lamps have evolved over time to become a nearly indispensable addition to any sophisticated décor. The warmth and charm they bring to space, combined with the tactile quality of their construction and the sheer beauty of the light they cast make them perfect anchoring element in the study, The foyer, the kitchen and elsewhere.

Few other decorative components will exude such an influence over the way your home is experienced, and fewer still will be capable of doing so for decades to come.

Turkish Lamps-Mosaic Lamps are the perfect addition to any home to complement the decor.

Glassmaking as a valued profession goes back hundreds of years in Turkey and is thought by most historians to have reached its zenith in the 16th century.

Glass products of this time including flower vases, carafes, drinking glasses, sugar bowls, flasks and more exhibit and amazing delicacy and are examples of the highly-developed aesthetic sensibilities of the artisans of the time.

 It is during this time that the historical record first takes note of oil lamps with colorful glass shades that would become the precursors of the Mosaic Lamps we know today.

Turkish lamps-Mosaic lamps in our shop


Actually, we are a mosaic making family, my tow brothers Yunus and Jalal are also making mosaic lamps.We make our lamps jointly in the same workplace, we make and work altogether, also my mother is the great teacher of mosaic globe making, she teaches a lot and she used to make mosaic lamps and sell it to local shops in Istanbul more than a decade.I always try to make and create different design globes for my lamps, give my lamps awesome look, making small to big,lamps with different varieties, with one globe to multiple and or containing dozens of globes in a single large lamp ,and there are varieties of colors, globe patterns, table lamps, standing floor lamps with bigger globes. Floor lamps, beginning with a single globe and these floor lamps extended with different heights also according to customers request and we have added 11 globes to our spiral floor lamps and it is unique attribution to me and my work.And we have made spiral chandeliers, containing 3 globes to 21 globes, with buyers custom lengths, and this is our devotion to our work, we can make any design, any pattern, with any size.Your custom orders are welcomed in globe colors wise, or with size wise.


Yunus, a brother and the best helper in my life, helps me a lot to run my business. He cares about customers, does the photography work and also lists my lamps in my shop.And partly, he is always available to help.


Jalal, also a brother and he is a student, works part-time, making mosaic lamps and he is in charge of wiring and metal body parts for my lamp.He also helps in getting supplies.Yunus and Jalal are my two hands.


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Handmade Mosaic Glass Lamps from Turkey. Bringing a delightful array of designs and colors to your home. Handmade illustrious mosaic lamps, created by skilled craftsman, who bring forth an enduring tradition of special light from the East.

We are a family business, committed to putting our expertise and experience on mosaic lamps making, inspired by different cultures of Anatolia.We make all kinds of Ottoman Turkish Mosaic Lamps, truly original models and handmade of fine original color glasses.

We offer the highest quality, very unique, specially designed all handmade decorative lighting products. 


Question. Can I use the lamps with 110 volts? What watts bulbs are used in Turkish mosaic lamps?

Dervish Handicrafts‘ lamps are compatible to use with 110 Voltage.And you can use energy saver bulbs of 8 / 10 watts. Usually, standard bulbs can also be used up to 25 watts.

Question. Can I use any of these lamps in a specific country? The plugs, wires and bulbs sizes may vary in different countries.

You can use our mosaic lamps, in USA, EU, Australia or any other countries.We send our lamps accorded to buyer’s country’s plugs and bulb holder clips.Usually, in US, E12 bulbs and in EUROPE E14 bulbs are used in our lamps.

Our lamps are tow wired and have no 3rd wire for grounding, but we have had no such complaint from any of our buyers from US or EU.We suggest third wire can be easily added to our lamps with a grounding electric appliance.Or better to take help from an electrician.

Question. Can I order different length for my lamp? Can I change the size of the lamp according to my needs?

You can order specific lengths for your lamps according to your need.
The length of the lamp can be adjusted according to buyers’ need and requirements.Just let us know about your length or height, that you need.

Question. Why is the price of the lamp too much? Does the shipping reliable, will the lamp arrive safely?

We ship with FedEx or UPS, which takes 3/4 days to be delivered to any address in US or EU.And the lamps are shipped insured and if a globe or any part of the lamp is defected or broken we do the replacements.Our shipping prices are taken from FedEx/UPS Price Chart to different countries.However, to ship one item costs more sometimes due to items size, not weight, and FedEx or UPS charges by volume of the box not weight.And if more than 1 items are bought, we have will set discount on the second item, which will automatically reflect shipping price, while proceeding to purchase more items, please ask for combined shipping price, we will offer you combined shipping price.

Question. Can I change my globe colors or patterns for my lamp?

Yes, we have the different collection of colors and patterns for globes.You can change or customize your globe colors or patterns for your lamp.

Question. What is the payment method? Can I pay with Paypal?

You can pay with any major credit cards, American Express, Visa or Mastercards while proceeding to checkout. Unfortunately, Paypal stopped working in Turkey due to license issues.And we are selling directly from Turkey, and nobody can accept payments directly with Paypal from Turkey.

Question. Can I get this lamp with a plug with a specific length of wire?

 You can order any of our lamps with plugs with your need of a length of the wire.And if you want to buy a hard wired lamp with a plug?Please let us know.

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Turkish Lamps-Mosaic Lamps
Turkish Lamps-Mosaic Lamps